27 min. 2021

John Rensenbrink, Kevin Brien, Charles Brown, professors of philosophy and long time friends meet in St. Louis, Missouri to attend the annual Green Party 2015 convention during which Rensenbrink and Brown are giving a workshop in “Dialogue and politics”. 

In their informal conversations Rensenbrink, one of the founders of the Green Party USA, insists on the need to see humans as first connected in ontological sense.  This primal connection should be the base for any deliberations on ethics, politics and society.  Hence Rensenbrink’s call to replace kantian famous phrase “Ethical Imperative” with “The Ontological Imperative”.  In a relaxed atmosphere, visiting places around the city, friends muse over best ways to change the world.

cameraman/director/editor Paweł Kuczyński

music by Lucas Janu

Delos Films production