I hold a MFA and Ph.D. from the Polish Films School in Łodz and attended the American Film Institute/CBS Program.   

In the States I worked for Rutgers State University, Governors State University, Thousand Oaks University.  For three years I was a full time producer/director for Instructional Media Services at USC School of Cinema employing work-study crews.  In Los Angeles and Santa Barbara I conducted “Film Directing Labs” and “Mastering the master-shot” workshops.   

Upon relocating to Poland for 14 years I conducted film classes at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.  Subjects included: “Filmmaking workshop for psychologists.”, “Film directing as a tool of socio-psychological diagnosis.”, “Screenplay: techniques of creating values and perceptions.”, “Film psychology as applied by Ingmar Bergman and Darren Aranofsky”, “How film influences the audience: creating meaning through staging and editing.” “Film and subconsciousness: Lynch, Kubrick, Innaritu”,  “Screenwriting/directing workshop”.

Recently I ran a month-long “Road to Independence” film workshop in Cracow and gave lectures/presentations at Florida Atlantic University and Emporia State University, Kansas.