Red with black

Henryk Musialowicz and his art

2008, 50 min.
by Pawel Kuczynski
music by Robert Jurjendal
post-production supervision by Piotr Rejmer

A documentary on Henryk Musialowicz,
a 95 year old maestro of metaphysical art.  
The film, in addition to portraying an artistic maveric, follows difficult negotiations between the artist and the officials from Mielnik, a small village on the Polish/Belaurssian border.  The village, for 20 years the painting laboratory of Musialowicz, plans to build his museum adopting an old, small one story cinema building.  The Maestro’s dreams are much bigger.  

A post premiere radio interview  (in Polish)

Critics about Musialowicz’s art:

“His paitnings contain intensity and power rarerly  encountered.  It moves you and forces toward profound truths”.”  – Andre Kuenzi, Geneva

“Musiałowicz (…) allows us to notice mysteries of consciousness and being. ” – Jean-Luc David, Geneva
“The art of Musiałowicza continues to intrique humanists and philosphers.” – Stanislaw Stopczyk, Krakow

“This is an unprecedented manifesto… ”  – Stanislaw Ledochowski, Warszawa