What if some demon were to say to you...

18 min, HD, 2009
A philosopher goes mad due to his obsession
with the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche.

full project available on vimeo


Krzysztof Janczar
Malgorzata Zajaczkowska
Alicja Dabrowska
Diana Kadlubowska 

Writer, director
 Pawel Kuczynski

Director of photography
 Piotr Rejmer

Vlad Kuryluk

Post-production supervisor 
Marek Kempista

Produced by
Pawel Kuczynski and Piotr Rejmer

What if some demon were to say to you: 

“This life as you live it and lived it you will live infinite number of times and there will be nothing new in it. 

Every pain and joy, every thought and sigh and everything small and huge in your life will have to return to you in the same order.

The eternal hourglass of existence will turn again and again. With you inside it.  Like a speck of dust.”

Hearing that, would you not throw yourself down gnashing your teeth and cursing the demon who spoke this?

How sure of yourself would you have to to be to feverishly crave nothing more but only this eternal confirmation of your existence.

– Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science


Can we approach the dangerous turf of the nietzschean eternal return, fully grasp it and remain sane?