Michael SmithPawel Kuczynski
“Charlie and The Common Good”
  Big ideas in a small town

Charlie Brown
Charles Brown, Ph.D.
Emporia State University

also with
Joyce Therier (also as Calamity Jane)
Ann Birney (also as Rachel Carson)

Ed Emmer 
Michael Smith 
Andy Hutchins
Jessie Sallis

and other faculty and students of Emoria State University
as well as people of the city of Emporia

 (the casting continues)

Even the representatives of the most opposing ideologies agree that our society should embrace the common good.  The proposed documentary will explore an attempt to bring a positive frame of mind during the meeting of the opposing approaches to the common good. 

The main character in this filmic experiment is Charles Brown a youthful 65 year old Emporia State University philosophy professor, who in addition to being able to put clarity and passion into complex issues, sports an easy going character and often self-deprecating sense of humor. 

Prof. Brown calls himself “Charlie” and generally gets along with everybody.  He tries to practice two methodological ideas: any strong point of view by its nature denies some truth, and a willingness to be open to opposing points of view.




 “Monday to Monday: Durer"

Andrzej Dudek-Durer in front of one of his graphics. 
A personal obssesion with Albrecht Durer is triggered
by an encounter with a Polish performer
who claims to be a reincarnation of the German Master.  


Three Friends"


John Rensenbrinck
(Bowden College) co-founded the US Green Party, run for the US Senate and devoted his philosophical and citizen activities to make a difference.  Now he is furious and wants change.   Kevin Brien (Washington College) tries to fuse the teachings of Gautama Budda with those of Karl Marx and argues for a zen like thoughtul actions.  Charles Brown (Emporia State University) reasons for dialogue and understanding of the opposing views in order to achive a true picture of realite and act accordingly.  

For the last 20 plus years these three US philosphers as members of an international philosophical society (ISUD) have been conducting heated debates at congresses in Japan, China, Finland, Canada and Poland. 

What are their conclusions?  How to live ones life?   How to deal with others?  To what extend their experiences and wisdom can apply to searches of our minds and souls?

The project draws for the archival footage of these meetings  (I filmed most of them) and from the three friends recent reunion in St. Louis (the photo above)

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