Charlie and The Common Good"
and "The Body Philosopher"
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 “Monday to Monday: Durer"

Andrzej Dudek-Durer in front of one of his graphics. 
A personal obsession with Albrecht Durer is triggered by an encounter
with a Polish performer who claims to be a reincarnation
of the German Master.  
Philosophical Friends" 


John Rensenbrinck
(Bowden College) co-founded the US Green Party, run for the US Senate and devoted his philosophical activities to make a difference.  Now he is furious and wants change.   Kevin Brien (Washington College) tries to fuse the teachings of Gautama Buddha with those of Karl Marx and argues for a Zen like thoughtful actions.  Charles Brown (Emporia State University) reasons for dialog and understanding of the opposing views and act accordingly.   Sister
Marie Pauline Eboh (Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria) champions Catholic transcendence.

For the last 20 plus, inspired by a vision of a universal philosophy by a Polish philosopher Janusz Kuczynski (1930-2017) they have held intense debates at informal meetings and also congresses of the International Society for Universal Dialoque in Japan, China, Finland, USA, Canada and Poland. 

What are their conclusions?  How to live one's life?   How to deal with others?  How to cope with loss?