spinPawel Kuczynski


Pawel has written, or co-written most of his educational, corporate, documentary and video productions.

He belongs to the Writers Guild of America, West (Nonfiction Writers Caucus) and Screenwriting Section of the Association of Polish Filmmakers. 

Here are some of his feature scripts: 

"Friedrich and Elisabeth"
a Friedrich Nietzsche inspired contemporary drama.
(A writing grant from the Polish Film Institute).  
"Light Denied" and "What if some demon..." (see the fiction section) are the tests for the subject.  

Drama about Katarzyna Kobro and Wladyslaw Strzeminski, two pioneering artists of the early XX Century avant-guarde art and the colleagues of Chagall, Kandinsky and Malevich.   The script is also inspired by a stage play I produced in 1999 at the John Raitt Theater in Los Angeles.  
(A writing grant from the Polish Script Agency).

"Goddess in Love"
Environmental, romantic comedy of mistaken identities and a goddess who desperately wants to taste human love.  Requires one actress to play two opposite characters.  

Thriller. An upcoming reality show tops everything you have ever seen on live TV.  The bloodiest and the most brutal images with zero gratuitous violence.  Based on a short story by Forrest Curo.

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