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Light denied

64 min. HD, 2007
 "Of all the films I have seen on philosophy
including ones by people like Godard and Syberberg,
none packs more intense images about the meaning of philosophy
into its 64 minutes than this film."
      - Steve Fesenmaier,

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(trailer here)
An exploration of "light"
as a symbol of Dionysian values "denied" by our civilization.
Can we immerse ourselves in this light and remain sane?

To answer this question we follow:

Real Life Scholars:                                                                                                    Fictitious Characters:

Light Denied

Prof. Alan Rosenberg 
Queens College,
City University of New York, USA.

A Holocaust scholar and a practitioner of Nietzschean self-mastery.

Light Denied

Prof. Werner Krieglstein
College of DuPage, USA.

A theoretician of perspectivism, who undergoes a Nietzsche induced crisis.

Light DeniedProf. Hope Fitz
Eastern Connecticut State University, USA.

Presents Nietzsche as a complex and tormented individual, striving for personal excellence.

Light DeniedProf. Victor Krebs
The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Diagnosis the present day civilizational crisis as the "Dionysian revenge".

Light DeniedProf. Karl-Otto Apel
University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany

An ardent critic of Nietzsche's ethics with their historical consequences.

Polish Radio interview on "Light Denied" and Nietzsche. 
Click to listen.

Light DeniedProf. Felix Lewinsky
Played by
Christopher Janczar

A philosopher who descends into madness while in the process of studying Nietzsche.

Light DeniedAnna, sister of Felix
Played by 
Malgorzata Zajaczkowska

Gradually acquires characteristics of Elisabeth, Nietzsche's sister.    

Light DeniedProf. Carrington 
Played by
Patrick L. Lahey

An American scholar visiting Poland to present Feliks with a philosophical award.

Light DeniedPresident of the University
Played by
Stanislaw Zaluski

An official increasingly concerned with Feliks' change of behavior.

Light Denied

Played by
Diana Kadlubowska

A street girl who has to deal with Felix' delusions.

                 Also appear:
Alicja Dabrowska, Slawomir Grzymkowski,
Wiktor Zatwarski, Marcin Kowalczyk and others.

Festivals and screenings:

"Philosophy on Film", Olsztyn 2010

Croatia University of Zagreb, 2010

 Beijing International Studies University, 2010

Art Zone, Beijing, 2010

College of DuPage, 2010

"Manggha", the Center for Japanese Art and Culture. 
Cracow, 2009
.  More here

Warsaw University, The Archeology Institute, 2009 

Summer of Films, Warsaw, 2009

                Museum of Emigration, Warsaw, 2008                      (Muzeum Wychodzctwa Polskiego)

Warsaw University, Polish Philology Film Club, 2008

Progressive Films Festival, DuPage, 2008

Krakow Film Festiwal, 2008

Forbidden Galaxy, Tokyo, 2007

written and directed by
Pawel Kuczynski

director of photography 
Piotr Rejmer

produced by
Pawel Kuczynski and Piotr Rejmer 

music by 
Vlad Kuryluk

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