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Producing for academic market:


"Philosophical encounters with Richard Shusterman"
3x30 min. about the creator of "somaesthetics."
Encounter one: The Role of A Philosopher
Encounter two: Making a difference
Encounter three :  Looking ahead

a Delos Films Production
for Florida Atlantic University
 (the list of screenings)

 a production note on these videos on my blog

Conducting classes:

I've been conducting various practical film directing workshops and film analysis classes since the early 90ties, first in Los Angeles, then in Poland.  Some were independent, others through academic institutions.  Recently subjects (at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw) include: "Filmmaking workshop for psychologists.", "Film directing as a tool of socio-psychological diagnosis.", "Screenplay: techniques of creating values and perceptions.", "Film psychology as applied by Ingmar Bergman and Darren Aranofsky", "How film influences the audience: creating meaning through staging and editing." "Film and subconsciousness: Lynch, Kubrick, Innaritu",  "Screenwriting/directing workshop".

In the fall of 2017 I conducted a month long "Road to Independence" filmmaking workshop in Cracow.




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