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57 min. Completed

Charlie Brown

Greg Schneider, Ph.D               Charles Brown, Ph.D.
Emporia State University

Charles Brown and Greg Schneider are friends and professors of the social sciences department at Emporia State University, Kansas.  Brown, a progressive and environmental philosopher, sparkles clarity, passion and an easygoing character with an often self-deprecating sense of humor.

Schneider, an affable conservative historian with a penchant for trains, physically towers over his friend as they spend hours walking and arguing politics.  When they decide to spar in a public debate on the Common Good their competitiveness hits a new high.

Will Charlie, a less experienced debater, stand his ground?  Can their debate "save America through civil dialog?"

also with
Joyce Thierer, Ph.D. ESU
Ann Birney
Gail Fuller, Fuller Farms
 Jessie Solis

and with

Ed Emmer, Ph.D. ESU
Michael Smith, Ph.D. ESU
Andy Houchins, Ph.D. ESU

David Cordle, Ph.D. ESU Provost
Allison D. Garrett, Ph.D ESU President
Tim Mohn, People's Punk Band
Regina Murphy

art by
Eric Conrad, Ph.D. ESU


edited/written/directed/photographed by
Paweł Kuczynski
music by
Robert Jurjendal