Richard Shusterman on camera

73 min. HD
in final post-production

Richard Shusterman, celebrity philosopher and an occasional performer in a golden body suit, is the creator of “somaesthetics,” a brunch of aesthetics which makes soma (“body” in Greek) the central tool of perception, thinking, social and personal transformation.
Now in his 60s, the former Israeli intelligence officer maintains a trim body and vigorous lifestyle as he puts his philosophy into practice through lectures and workshops around the world.  He is also forced to defend if what he does is really philosophy, even from his sharp-minded 100-year-old father, while going through a divorce, parenting a 12-year-old daughter and withstanding the pressures of being on camera.

by Pawel Kuczynski

camera by
Piotr Rejmer, Marcin Scieglinski,

Pawel Kuczynski

poster soma

photographs of Man in Gold by Yann Toma